St. John's Chapel Saah / Punau

St. John’s Chapel Saah / Punau is an Anglican chapel which is under The Parish of St. Paul, Bunuk and The Diocese of Kuching. It is located at miles 17.5, Borneo Height Road and it took less than  30 minutes drives from Kuching, the capital city of  Sarawak, Malaysia. Based on  2010 Census, number of congregations registered with our chapel is almost 450 people with 300 of them have being through confirmations. There was six active lay-readers voluntarily served in our chapel ministry. Either than that, we do have Choir Groups, Women Fellowship and Youth Fellowship. Besides serving their best in our chapel, they also put their full commitments in our parish activities.

There is no black and white historical data or evidences of our chapel from the past. But one clearly being told by the old folks, our chapel building have built few times on different sites from the one we currently have. This is because of suitability of it sites and the increasing number of the congregations.

 In 2008, the old chapel building have been demolished to give way for the new building constructions. It’s worst conditions such as leakage roofing, cracked wall and floor and it can’t accommodate the number of the congregations. As on October 2010, the new chapel is 85% completed. Thanks to kind-heart personnel, private company and organizations for their donations. We couldn’t going this far without your supports. May God bless us all.

Temporarily, all of our chapel activities such as Mass Services and Sunday Services was being held in our chapel’s hall building. Hopefully, with God blessed, we can use our new chapel building in the middle of 2011.

Thank God, with Your Blessing, our new chapel construction is completed and consecrated by The Assistant Bishop of Kuching & Brunei Darussalam, The Rt. Rev. Aries Sumping Jingan on Sunday, August 25th., 2013. 

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